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Commercial Electrical Services

ACM Electrical Contracting is a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor providing quality, highly-experienced commercial electrical services across NYC, Queens, and Brooklyn. Our work performed by our team of licensed craftsmen is completely guaranteed. We’ve been successfully tackling complex commercial jobs for over 40 years.

Commercial electrical services generally entail far more intricate and elaborate electrical installations than are generally found in a residential setting. Here are some of the commercial electrical services that ACM Electrical Contracting offers our business clients:

  • Transformer installations
  • Computer and internet cabling
  • Service upgrades
  • Store build outs
  • Exterior lighting and maintenance
  • Communication cabling

Locating and engaging a professional electrical contractor can be a harrowing experience. Years and years of experience providing commercial electrical services have allowed ACM to become the premier choice for Queens and 5 boroughs for business owners. That vast experience has the added benefit of not only allowing safe and compliant installations but permits very competitive pricing as well. With experience comes efficiency, and few contractors offering commercial electrical services can compare with ACM Electrical Contracting. To prove our point and to gain your trust, we present this guide to assist you in your selection of the right commercial electrical services company for your business. Here are the major considerations:

  • Experience and Know How:  Electrical companies that focus on the residential trade will not have the experience or knowledge that commercial electrical projects require. That’s because commercial electrical systems have far more complicated features. When you partner with ACM Electrical Contracting, you hire a team with the breadth of knowledge developed over decades of experience undertaking complex, large-scale commercial electrical projects.
  • Expansive Range of Commercial Electrical Services: New York area businesses depend on their technology to ensure their success. ACM Electrical Contracting’s pros realize that change can be a constant in your industry, requiring a wide range of electrical contracting needs. When we install or upgrade a commercial electrical system, we do not walk away thinking, ‘job done, next!’  Electrical system installations are not our only area of expertise. We are also extremely well-qualified and experienced in replacement and system upgrades down the road, as well as providing ongoing maintenance and repair as required.
  • Dependable, Consistent, Meticulous:  For over 40 years, ACM has consistently provided dependable commercial electrical services to businesses in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. We are known for our punctuality and are highly motivated to make a positive contribution to the success of your firm. Our team’s work is precise and accurate. We’ll gladly provide references who can confirm our reliability and the high quality of our work. Additionally, to every project, we bring a strong understanding of all local safety procedures and regulations. Our goals include performing every project with the highest degree of safety, not only for our team but for your employees as well.
  • Licensing and Insurance:  Do not be fooled. Not every commercial electrician carries insurance or is properly licensed to perform commercial electrical services. ACM Electrical Contracting is proud of our team. We are licensed and fully insured including business liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and umbrella insurance to cover contingencies, and it will produce proof upon request.
  • Professionalism: ACM Electrical Contracting takes pride in performing our work and in running our business. Over several decades of working on large-scale business projects, we have developed efficient business skills. We’ll not only address your requirements with a detailed scope of work proposal but also welcome discussing strategic planning, our inventory tracking system, etc. 

We trust we’ve given you sufficient information to assist you in making an informed decision, as well as making your ‘short list’. As you can see, if you run a business in NYC, Brooklyn or Queens, there’s no need to Google ‘commercial electricians near me’, ‘commercial electrical companies near me’, or ‘commercial electrical contractors near me’. One call to our team is your commercial electrical services solution. ACM Electrical Contracting invites you to contact our team for a free quote on your next commercial electrical project. We’ll be pleased to discuss our experience and share our references. Your ACM team is looking forward to discussing your commercial electrical needs!