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Industrial Electrical Services

Industrial electrical services cover a broad range of installation challenges. Unique electrical requirements in these types of installations need experienced electrical experts. ACM’s staff of licensed electricians has the experience necessary to assist you with all your industrial electrical services needs. Residential electrical installations are far different from industrial electrical services, and securing an experienced electrical contractor is essential to have safe, code-compliant electrical needs met.

Industrial lighting, 3-phase service installations, refrigeration power, and underground utility projects are just a few of the many elements of industrial electrical services offered by ACM Electrical Contracting. Our team of licensed and bonded electricians deeply understands the challenges of industrial electrical installations.

Some of the industrial electrical services we offer are:

  • Retail Finish-Out
  • Shopping Centers
  • Office Finish-Out
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Industrial Flex Buildings
  • Install Underground Utilities
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Parking Lots
  • Roadway Lighting

The ACM Electric team fully realizes that industrial facilities depend on their technology, so during every installation, it is imperative to keep downtime minimal. Also, even the smallest electrical issue can trigger disruptions and with it, decreased productivity and lost revenue. 

That is why it is imperative to partner with our industrial electric company. We’re highly qualified and experienced industrial electrical contractors. For your peace of mind, we’ve assembled this guide to assist you to make the right choice, to form the right vendor partnership to keep your business running and posting a solid ROI. When you need the power to continue operations, count on ACM Electrical Contracting’s industrial electrical services to assist you to keep your electrical and machinery upgrade installations up and running quickly, safely, and efficiently. 

ACM Electrical Contracting’s Checklist:

Experience/Training: We know your business, and have been serving the toughest marketplace in the United States, New York’s 5 boroughs, for over 40 years. Our staff of industrial electricians has the specialized industrial electrical knowledge that is absolutely crucial for your business. Make no mistake, this is far from our first rodeo. We’re seasoned pros working in industrial facilities and high-voltage systems. Continued staff training is essential, and we keep up with advances in motor and equipment controls and programming and can install, repair, and maintain your generator, regulator, electric motors, industrial-grade storage batteries, switchgear, transformers, electrical wiring, switch boxes, and more with complete confidence. 

Licensed/Insured/State Certifications: For your complete peace of mind, we will gladly provide you with our credentials. Our state licenses are active, and we are fully code compliant. 

Customer Service: We’re there when you need us, and our work stands for itself. A contract with ACM Electrical Contracting ensures that you’ll have a responsive and responsible point of contact to oversee that your requirements are fully met, installations carried out on schedule and to your satisfaction. 

What to Expect at Our Initial Meeting: Once we make your short list, we expect to be scrutinized and come fully prepared. After a tour of your premises, you’ll present your list of requirements, expectations, timelines, and budget. If you have any questions for us as an industrial electric company, now’s the time. We expect to be asked the following, and as a company of integrity, can field any curveball you might throw at us: 

  • As noted above, we’ll gladly produce proof of licensing and insurance.
  • Even if we are a referral, we’ll produce as many references from satisfied clients in your industry as you wish.
  • Relative to installs and response times, we can provide a timeline for the completion of any requested task.
  • Our work is guaranteed; our actions are fully transparent. We’ll be glad to discuss this option specific to a stated task/project at our initial meeting. 
  • Once we have an understanding of the true scope of work, we will draft a detailed quote for your review. While the quality of our work is top-notch, our pricing is extremely competitive. To conclude: We want the opportunity to serve your business and to serve it well. 

ACM Electrical Contracting has been deftly providing the broad spectrum of industrial electrical services for over 40 years, in the Queens and 5 boroughs areas. These many years of experience allow our team to provide compliant electrical installations and alterations at extremely competitive pricing. Understanding the intricacies of industrial electrical services and having many years of performing this work allows for consistently accurate and efficient installations, maintenance and repairs. We are not a ‘one and done,’ nor a fly-by-night operation. For decades, ACM Electrical Contractors has been here on standby providing expert and dependable industrial electrical contractors as needed to businesses in the 5 boroughs in all types of weather, season after season. Experience, pricing, and on-schedule performance make ACM Electrical the obvious choice for all your industrial electrical services. 

We invite you to contact our team of industrial electricians for a no-obligation quote today!