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Quick Fixes: Guide to Common Residential Electrical Repairs

As a leading licensed electrical contracting firm, ACM Electrical Contracting receives many requests to perform residential electrical repairs. While many such requests such as outlet repair or replacement are simple, some, such as electrical appliance wiring, or adding a subpanel, or upgrading a junction box, are more complex. And, it cannot be stated often enough, most residential electrical repairs and replacements should be performed by a licensed residential electrician. If you think you have an electrical issue in your home, do not hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to ensure your household electrical repairs are carried out properly for you and your family’s safety. Here are the most common household lighting concerns which include electrical issues which our professionals can quickly remedy.

Replacing Light Bulbs Too Often

If a light goes out, and you remember you replaced the bulb a short time ago, the culprit may be one of the following:

  • Loose fixtures and/or loose wiring. Your ACM electrician will check to see if the splices to the fixture needs to be tightened, or if the fixture itself needs repair or replacement.
  • Bulb too tight: It is possible to over-tighten a bulb during installation. Back it out a
    quarter turn and see if this does not resolve the issue. Be sure to check the wattage.
    Many fixtures cannot accommodate higher wattage bulbs without causing a dangerous
    issue called arcing. If you do not know what wattage is correct for a fixture, do not use bulbs higher than 60-watts.
  • Outlet repair or replacement: If the fixture in question is plugged in, that is not hard-wired to a wall or ceiling, the outlet itself may require repair or replacement. Let us investigate and provide you with our professional assessment and options.

Poor Air Circulation

If you have a light in a closet or enclosed space, only use it when the door is open and be sure to turn off when finished. Leaving an incandescent bulb on
in a storage closet can set fire to nearby combustible materials such as fabrics, or
cleaning supplies. If you have not already done so, switch to cooler, longer-life LED

Faulty Switchplates

Switches can wear out over time. If you encounter a light that will not turn on, resist the advice of the staffer in the electrical department at the local big box store, telling you that you can do this yourself. Contact ACM Electrical Contracting instead. Our residential electrical repairs professionals are licensed and experienced in all aspects of home electrical systems. We will quickly discern if the solution is a simple worn-out switch replacement or if there is a more serious problem relative to the wiring.

Flickering Lights During High Winds

There are a number of times when your lights may flicker momentarily. For example, when you start a high-energy drawing appliance, such as your clothes dryer. In this instance, it is your home’s electrical load becoming unbalanced for a short period. The brief dimming or flickering of your lights are caused by this temporary drop in voltage. As electrical appliance wiring experts, we will evaluate the issue and make appropriate recommendations. However, if it happens on windy days, the connection to your residence’s electrical service wires may be loose. Contact ACM Electrical Contracting, and we will troubleshoot your home’s electrical issues. It may be that your home requires an electrical system upgrade. However, should the outside connection to your home be the culprit, we can discuss your options to remediate.

ACM Electrical Contracting: Your Solution for Residential Electrical Repairs

Today’s families put greater electrical demands on our residential electrical systems. From our expanding home entertainment systems including home theaters, additional computer systems for remote workers, and bigger appliances that draw more power, your home’s electrical system may be near capacity.

Therefore, we recommend that you contact ACM Electrical Contracting to give your home’s electrical systems a routine checkup. We can assess your system and ensure that it is meeting your family’s present and future electrical power requirements. Schedule your consultation today!