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Transformer Installation and Maintenance: Tips from Expert Electricians

When your business requires fluctuation-free voltage in tandem with a steady power supply, it’s clear that your electrical transformers will be expected to perform all the heavy lifting. You know that the transformer’s intended purpose is to change the voltage of alternating current (AC) electricity flowing in a circuit by either stepping up or decreasing the voltage. Because they do not have moving parts or sensitive components, you can expect a well-designed transformer to operate continuously and virtually problem-free for years. The caveat here: Trouble-free performance begins with a transformer that is correctly installed and well-maintained. Under the right conditions, however, such as the voltage and frequency of the power supply, the temperature, and never exceeding the maximum load your transformer can handle, then and only then, will your transformer provide the service your business requires. As a top transformer repairing company, ACM Electrical Contracting Corp’s transformer repair service professionals have provided expert transformer maintenance and repairs for decades. Here are our tips for keeping your transformer, and your company, up and running:  

Tips to Avoid a Transformer Repair:

Installation: ACM Electric is a certified electrical engineering contractor. As a transformer repairing company, we take the extra steps when we install your unit(s) to ensure that the correct nominal power is selected, and we pay close attention to the load’s power factor as well as make certain that each transformer has adequate ventilation.

Check the Oil Supply: ACM Electric’s professionals will conduct oil tests routinely both before installation and while the transformer is in operation. Oil lubricates and cools transformers. To ensure a long service life, both the quality and amount of oil must be checked at regular intervals. If an oil level is unexpectedly low, further investigation and troubleshooting must be performed immediately. 

Maintenance: As we noted in the tip about oil, regular inspections will detect problems in their early stages when repair as opposed to replacement, and lost productivity, have a chance to develop. Maintenance tasks will vary by the amount of use and age of the transformer. Generally, commercial business owners can expect that our maintenance services will include cleaning the transformer, testing the insulation, and, as part of our transformer repair service,  replacing any worn parts.

Avoid Overloading: It is important to install and maintain a unit that can handle the total wattage of all devices that are connected to it. If your business power load has increased- for example, have you expanded your business and leased or purchased new and/or additional equipment? If the answer is yes, you may have too many devices on your electrical transformer system.

Be sure to call ACM Electrical Contracting Corp. to consult with our team regarding the electrical transformer system that keeps your business’s lights on, your machinery up and running, and your productivity high. We’ve performed thousands of electrical installations and repairs -from transformer repair to installation, and maintenance- and are highly qualified to serve you, and your commercial enterprise well. Call today and ask us to demonstrate how our transformer repair service will benefit your business!